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Train, Car Accidents Reported In Seattle

To our surprise, we seem to have been learning of many more auto and other types of accidents taking place in Washington lately. Perhaps, these accidents are just now being openly discussed because news media organizations have only now begun to talk about them. But perhaps, these reports have begun to circulate more widely simply because the number of crashes has been going up.

The latest two accidents to have happened in Seattle include a light rail service accident and a serious collision in West Seattle.

The light rail accident occurred early Monday morning and according to the report, a car and the train crashes in the South of Seattle. The collision took place in the Martin Luther King Jr. region. Just halfway between Othello light rail stops and Columbia City.

The train service was restored at 8:45 in the morning.

While this accident seems to have claimed any lives or resulted in any major injuries, another crash involving three people resulted in serious injuries.

According to the report, three people were sent to the hospital after a collision.

The accident happened in the 2400 block of Harbor Ave Southwest. The collision took place just before 2:30 in the morning and at least one person was trapped in the wreckage. Three others who were in the cars were taken to local hospitals. So far, their conditions are yet to be unknown.

Further investigating these accidents will help others to avoid making the same mistakes.

As personal injury attorneys, we know how difficult tragedies like this one and how it may put a burden that is too heavy for the victim to carry on their own.

We hope that more on both of these accidents can be unearthed so drivers will act accordingly.

For more information on the accident in West Seattle that resulted in three injuries, follow this link.

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