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Tragic: Motorcyclist Killed in Distracted Driving Crash

Distracted driving has been increasingly associated with crashes. Whether they are car or motorcycle crashes. That’s why whenever we hear that these accidents are taking place, we like to report on them. In order to help our Washington readers and clients have a better grasp of what’s at stake.

According to a news report, an accident in another state involving a motorcycle rider resulted in a fatality. And unfortunately, the crash may have occurred due to distracted driving.

Reports indicate that a 2003 Infiniti FX45 was turning left from the median when the driver failed to see the 28-year-old rider on a Honda motorcycle. As the motorcycle hit the passenger side of the vehicle, the rider was thrown from his motorcycle. According to officials who responded to the scene of the accident, the rider was declared dead at the scene. While speed and other factors are not suspected to be the case in this accident, the driver was booked in a parish jail for negligent homicide, as well as failure to yield. Officials are investigating the accident and are hoping to have more information on whether distraction was really the factor in this fatal collision.

While it’s too soon to judge or to speculate, it’s important that these types of accident are being discussed. Many drivers fail to understand the importance of focusing on the road simply because they believe that this type of accident will not happen to them. They believe they are immune. But as we see regularly, distractions come in different shapes and sizes. Drivers might be distracted because of their phones, or they might be distracted because of passengers. They might be distracted because of pets, or other factors, but if there’s a distraction, they will be less likely to act promptly in order to avoid a crash in the case of an emergency.

We are terribly sorry this tragic crash happened and we want to see others avoid this very fate. In order to do so, drivers must be aware and focused. They must pay attention to the road ahead, and make sure their attention is always dedicated to the act of driving.

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