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Toyota In Trouble Because Of Recalls — Old And New

Toyota is in the news again for another recall-related problem. Unfortunately, the latest campaign involves an issue that could lead to injuries.

The campaign involves smaller vehicles, which also produce a small footprint, reporters explained. According to the reports, 43,000 2015 through 2017 Toyota Yaris come with air bag wiring that may experience issues. If that is the case, then the air bag warning lights may illuminate or the front side air bags and curtain shield air bags may fail to deploy. In this case, this could lead to a serious injury in a crash.

The company stated that the wiring harness may corrode, causing this problem.

While Toyota did not disclose whether any accidents associated with this issue came to the company’s attention, it is clear that it is serious. To avoid the risks, Toyota technicians will remove the old wiring harnesses in order to install improved replacements. This exchange could help to fix the problem.

Impacted vehicle owners should receive a recall notification in the mail in a couple of months. However, if they are concerned this issue may expose them and loved ones to risks, they should call Toyota right away. Asking the firm if there’s anything they can do to minimize the risks could help.

Toyota’s Recall Blues

Toyota is under increased scrutiny lately thanks to a 2014 recall involving Prius vehicles.

In the last five years, the company tried to stop Prius vehicles’ electrical systems from overheating — with no success. The 2014 recall, which impacted 800,000 cars, had issues with the inverter. But the company’s attempt to fix the problem by modifying software didn’t work. Now that countless consumers are reporting issues, it seems the company is in a tight spot.

Car owners claim that after receiving the software update, they got the hybrid warning light to come on, proving issues were still there.

But in order to truly fix the problem, many argue, Toyota must install new inverters with a different design. However, this fix would cost the firm $2,000 per car. Needless to say, Toyota might not want to spend all that money. Still, the reality is that if the firm cannot fix this issue, then people will eventually get hurt, and Toyota would be held liable for their mistakes.

Similarly, Toyota must make sure it addresses the air bag issue in the Yaris vehicles. Otherwise, people will get hurt.

For more on this recall, follow this link.

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