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Toyota Cars Recalled Over Crash Hazards Are Popular Across The US

Many car recalls that have been launched lately impact popular vehicles that are used by countless drivers nationwide, and it wouldn’t be different in Washington.

The latest cars to have been recalled include the 2018 CHR and Prius Plug-In Hybrids that were released within the 2012 and 2015 period.

In the CHR vehicles impacted by the recall, the electric parking brakes may not disengage or engage as they are designed to, making the vehicle less safe. Since this issue increases the risk of an accident, over 28,000 of these vehicles are being recalled.

The Prius Hybrid vehicles impacted by the recall were fitted with a drive system that could cause the cars to lose power while the vehicles are on the go. In this case, the risk of accidents may increase, putting the lives of occupants in danger.

At least 40,000 Prius cars are being affected.

Toyota has announced that all impacted vehicle owners will be contacted starting January of 2018.

While no accidents or injuries have been associated with either of the models impacted by this recall, it’s important that drivers with the recalled cars are doing all in their power to avoid collisions and other problems tied to equipment failure.

We hope that Toyota is working tirelessly to make sure that all recalled vehicles are being safely repaired. After all, only about 70 percent of all recalled cars get repaired in the United States, meaning that many of the cars you see roaming Washington roads have open recalls under their belt, making them more likely to expose you to accident risks.

We believe that automakers have a responsibility to make sure that defective cars are repaired promptly so consumers are not injured.

If you’re serious about your safety and you want to make sure that your loved ones are not at risk either, do not hesitate. Have your recalled car repaired as soon as possible.

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