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Toddler Is One Of Over A Hundred Injured By Keurig Coffee Makers

Here at the Bernard Law Group, we know that recalled products can expose consumers and their loved ones to major danger. That’s why we always discuss the potential risks when consumer products and automobiles are recalled. Unfortunately, there are still many consumers who are exposed to injuries long after recalls are issued.

Now, a new report from a local news station in Texas is highlighting a loophole that is allegedly allowing potentially dangerous products to remain in the consumer’s home even after manufacturers launch recalls.

According to KVUE, a consumer recently witnessed her Keurig Mini coffee maker dispense hot water and hot coffee, spraying her 3-year-old toddler and causing her to suffer several first- and second-degree burns to her face and neck.

After she looked into this problem, she learned that the same coffee maker model had exposed over 100 people to burn injuries. She also learned that the machine she had at home had been recalled in 2014. Because she didn’t know about the recall, she never took the necessary steps to prevent this type of incident.

Consumer Watchdog: Recall System Loophole Exposes People To Risks

When talking to KVUE about this problem, Consumer Reports’ home and safety policy manager William Wallace said, the controversial Section 6b law oftentimes prevents the Consumer Product Safety Commission from releasing company- and product-specific information, whether or not the recall in question is associated with injuries and even deaths.

“The recall system needs to be far better than it is today. Right now it leaves people at risk of getting hurt or killed,” he told reporters.

While this isn’t a problem for car or food recalls, consumer product recalls are treated differently, Wallace added.

The Keurig recall had been associated with one hundred incidents that had led to burn-related injuries to people’s faces, hands, and bodies. Additionally, Keurig failed to report other problems, and even requests from a retailer to have the machines tested.

It was only four years later that Keurig finally contacted the CPSC to report the issues, which prompted the CPSC to fine the company $5.8 million.

To the Texan mother, this settlement did nothing to prevent the pain and suffering her child went through.

After she contacted Keurig, the company simply sent her a new coffee maker.

To read more on this recall and injuries, as well as what Keurig and the CPSC are doing to protect consumers in the future, read the full report here.

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