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Toddler Dead After Horrific Dog Bite Incident

Many dog bite incidents put the lives of countless victims in grave danger. As expected, many are seriously injured.

The latest major dog bite incident to be reported nationwide comes from another state. According to a series of news reports, a toddler has tragically lost his life after losing the battle to survive the awful injuries he sustained due to a dog attack. What’s worse, the child died after he was left alone with the family dog.

Many people do not realize this, but most dog bite incidents involving children happen at home or at familiar settings. Many of these cases involve children who are familiar with the dogs in question, and still, these incidents occur.

The 3-year-old was attacked by a dog that is thought to be about 2-years-old. After the brutal attack, the child went under nearly seven hours of surgery. At the end, the child didn’t survive.

Officials are urging parents and caregivers to look at this tragedy as a real life example of what never to do with a child. Leaving an infant, a toddler, or a young child alone with an animal is never a good idea.

The pet involved in this attack has been quarantined while the two other family dogs have also been sent away. Neighbors say they had seen the animals in question act aggressively in the past, so perhaps the behavior that led to the incident could have been prevented if the animal hadn’t been left alone with the infant.

As officials investigate this terrible incident, it’s important to keep in mind that similar incidents are more common than may imagine. And as such, they should never leave children near dogs while unattended.

Pet owners must also learn how to identify signs that their dogs may be irritated or aggressive, and make sure they are not posing any risks to anyone, especially not children.

We are heartbroken to learn that a child was killed in such a terrifying dog attack and we hope authorities are able to learn exactly what happened so those who are responsible are held accountable.

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