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To Avoid Child Injuries, Follow These Car Safety Seat Tips

Car safety should be a priority to all parents. After all, car accidents are still among the leading causes of death among children. That’s why ensuring your child has a safe road trip should be on the top of your list before hitting the road.

When preparing for travel, there are a few steps you should take to put your mind at east. Follow them and you will surely have a fun, enjoyable, and safe trip with your little ones.

1- Check Your Car Seat’s Model

Make sure the car seat you’re using is the right model for your child’s age, weight, and height. Any child under 4 years of age should be on a car seat. And if you’re traveling by plane, ask beforehand about their child car safety seat policies. For turbulent plane trips, parents will find that car safety seats are extremely helpful.

2- Make Sure The Car Seat Is Installed Safely

Car seats can save lives by keeping children secure in a crash. But if you do not install them properly, they can actually pose a risk. In addition, parents should keep in mind that infants should always be in rear-facing seats.

3- Never Place A Car Seat In The Front Passenger Seat

In order to make sure your child is 100 percent safe, place the seat in the back seat. If possible, in the center. Placing the seat in the front passenger seat could expose the child to danger due to the air bags.

In the case of a crash, the air bags may deploy and the impact could seriously injure the child.

If you have doubts or concerns regarding your child’s car seat installation, do not hesitate to contact a certified car safety seat technician. Also, do not get rid of the seat’s user’s manual, as it contains all the instructions to make sure you get the car seat installed correctly.

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