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Thousands Of Patients Injured Due To Surgical Staplers

The Food and Drug Administration released an analysis regarding surgical staplers as well as implantable surgical staples that alarmed the medical industry.

According to the agency, regulators received more than 41,000 reports of incidents involving the devices, including 366 deaths. At least 9,000 of these reports resulted in serious injuries while 32,000 of them were caused by surgical stapler malfunctions.

Many of the cases involved staplers that misfired or staples that opened after application. Many of the issues also came about after doctors applied the wrong type of staples to the tissues.

Because many of these incidents resulted in internal bleeding and other adverse reactions, patients should not ignore the risks. Unfortunately, the FDA collected these reports from 2011, and only recently did regulators release the full analysis.

In a letter to healthcare providers, officials reminded them that surgical staplers are dangerous, and that they must do more to make sure they are using the devices correctly.

While it is important that officials are taking steps to keep patients safe, thousands of people never learned about the devices’risks. As a result, they suffered tremendously. And some didn’t even survive these incidents.


Surgical Stapler Lawsuits

To many of the patients who still suffer due to the injuries they sustained, seeking closure can only mean one thing: filing a lawsuit. Unfortunately, many victims are still unaware that they could sue the manufacturers of these surgical staplers.

As personal injury attorneys, we are well aware of how these incidents can completely change the victim’s life. Furthermore, we understand that many of these injuries require long-term treatments. It is important for victims and their families to beware of the fact that they have rights. Having a professional team of attorneys supporting them when needed will always make a difference, especially if you want to hold negligent firms accountable.

For more on the surgical stapler risks, follow this link.


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