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This Video Shows What Happens to Your Body in a Crash

Being involved in a crash is a huge trauma for car occupants. But when it comes to assessing the direct physical consequences of car crashes, many drivers appear oblivious or detached from others’ experiences.

To many safety experts and personal injury attorneys, drivers who are not willing to learn more about the consequences associated with car crashes may not be as willing to drive safely in order to avoid such consequences.

In order to make drivers think twice before speeding, driving while distracted, or taking part in other activities that could expose them to risks, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety put a video together that illustrates just how an auto crash can expose drivers and passengers to serious injuries.

One of the problems may car occupants experience in a crash is head injury.

Severe brain and head injuries are common among those who are involved in an auto crash. And according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders, these injuries occur when your head is exposed to external trauma.

If your brain bounces around inside of your skull as a result of the trauma, damage may occur, increasing the risk of long term effects. Some of the symptoms associated with traumatic brain injuries linked to an auto crash, also known as TBI include losing consciousness for a few seconds or minutes, headaches, confusion, dizziness, blurred vision, and ringing in the ears, among others.

Because a sudden rear or front impact may cause the driver’s head to go from several miles per hour to zero miles per hour, the soft tissue of the brain is propelled against the hard bone of the skull. Due to this type of impact, the brain tissue may be pressured against the skull, increasing the risk of internal bleeding. If that occurs because the brain tissue’s vessels tore due to the impact, blood will flood into several areas of the brain. Since the skull won’t expand, the blood will begin to put pressure on the brain tissue.

If you’re curious to know more about how your body is exposed to injury risks in the event of an crash, watch the video below.

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