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This Summer, Cyclists and Pedestrians Must Follow These Tips to Be Safe

Summer is around the corner. And once the seasons change, a greater number of drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists begin to hit the streets. And that’s a recipe for disaster.

Each year, law enforcement agents and safety advocates report on a growing number of crashes involving drivers and motorcyclists during the summer time. But the cyclist and pedestrian crash rates also increase during the same period.

In order to help our readers and clients be safer during this period, we decided to put a list of safety tips for both cyclists and pedestrians together so they are always one step ahead.

Know Your Surroundings and Be Seen

Cyclists and pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable subjects on the road. In order to avoid crashes, both cyclists and pedestrians must know where they are going at all times. Instead of relying on drivers to see them, they must be easy to see.

Pedestrians should always make sure they use crosswalks or intersections to cross the street. Also, making eye contact with oncoming drivers may help them to beware of the potential risks of driving through. Avoid crossing the street before drivers stop their vehicles, and make sure you’re never wearing black at night. Wear reflective clothing if possible.

The same goes for cyclists. Wearing reflective clothing while riding your bike is extremely important, and should be a rule. Instead of simply wearing common clothing, make sure you have bright colors or reflective clothing on, especially at night.

Also, remember that the best way to avoid accidents is to be defensive. If the road you’re traveling on has a bike path, use it. If not, make sure you’re not riding too close to parked vehicles, since drivers may abruptly open their doors. Also, avoid riding between lanes. Stay to your right, and make sure you’re always making eye contact with drivers. Stay alert to vehicles’ turning signals, and avoid changing lanes if you’re not sure the driver has seen you.

To Avoid Crashes, Know the Road Rules

When it comes to following the road rules, many drivers complain that cyclists often break the rules, pushing drivers to make abrupt decisions that lead to crashes. While studies have demonstrated that distraction often leads to crashes between autos and cyclists, bicycle riders should keep in mind that they too must follow the rules of the road.

Do not ignore signs and avoid acting as if the driver will always give you the right of way. Acting defensively will guarantee your safety, not believing that you’re invincible.

The same applies to pedestrians. Instead of crossing the street where drivers are not expecting to see pedestrians, use the crosswalk and intersection as soon as possible. Also, always use a sidewalk and never walk while listening to music on headphones. Your safety deserves your undivided attention.

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