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This Simple Phone Feature Will Help You To Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving remains as one of the most dangerous and deadly activities out there. And still, drivers will continue to use their phones while behind the wheel often, ignoring that when they do that, they are also putting their lives and the lives of others in danger.

In order to help drivers be better and safer, car makers and tech giants such as Apple and Google have been developing series of technologies that help drivers to keep their eyes on the road. Many of these technologies involve voice-activated features that allow drivers to keep their attention focused while also dictating text or talking over the phone. Still, those features may not be good enough, as many have already proven that voice command may actually be as distracting as if you had been handling your phone. On top of that, many states and cities prohibit the use of technology to talk, even voice-activated ones.

Still, there’s one technology that all drivers can start using now to make sure that they are not distracted while behind the wheel. And that is their phone’s capacity to use auto-reply messages, which you can set up on your own. This feature will make sure that the phone will tell callers that you’re driving and that you cannot get to your phone at the moment.

This feature can be accessed whether you own an Android or an iPhone, making it easy for you to avoid accidents by simply making sure that your the caller trying to reach you knows you cannot pick up. This type of technology will ensure that drivers are not distracted while driving and it’s the simplest, most affordable, and readily available feature there is for that.

If you’re a driver and a smartphone user, you should make sure to have that activated in your phone so that you are not exposed to risks while driving.

As you can see, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to develop technology that will help you to avoid distracted driving accidents. And you don’t have to wait for the self-driving car technology to protect yourself against distracted driving. Take this simple step instead and see how easy it is to stay away from your phone.

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