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These 4 Tips Will Make Your Holiday Trip Safer

Although many drivers often ignore the risks associated with distracted driving, the risks exist. As we enter the holiday season, many of us are preparing for long road trips with our loved ones. Preparing to avoid distracted driving-related risks should also be part of the process.

But knowing that distracted driving is a problem alone is not the solution. Too often, drivers know that distracted driving is a serious risk, and yet they use their phones or talk to passengers, increasing the risk of accidents. Even during the holiday, when these same drivers have a greater number of passengers in their vehicles.

In order to help our clients and readers to stay safe during the 2015 end of the year festivities, we decided to put together a list of safety tips for drivers across Washington.

1- Avoid distraction, speed, intoxicated driving, and sleep deprivation

When planning your road trip, remember that some of the most common factors in accidents are speed and distractions. But other factors are also extremely common, such as intoxicated or drowsy driving.
Going above the speed limit is extremely dangerous, especially during this time of the year, in which roads might not be at their best condition due to the ice and snow.

2- Get your vehicle checked

Before hitting the road, have it fully inspected in order to verify whether its parts are operating correctly. Have the lights, oil, tires, belts and hoses, antifreeze and brake fluids, and battery checked for use and damage. Bringing your vehicle to a professional could save you time and money.

3- Plan ahead

As the weather changes and our roads become more icy, the pavement also becomes more slippery. As a result, drivers feel their driving abilities are inadequate to face the weather while traveling to spend the holiday with their loved ones. In order to avoid getting stranded, drivers should plan their route in advance by checking traffic reports and weather conditions before they hit the road.
If needed, change your route in order to avoid extremely difficult roads.
Experts also urge drivers to carry a road map, especially since not all GPS devices will work in some remote areas.

4- Stay prepared

Pack blankets, boots, flashlights, bottles of water, batteries and an extra pair of gloves when hitting the road this holiday season. Also, make sure your gas tank is always at least half-filled to prevent fuel line freezing.

For more tips on how to stay safe as a driver during this holiday season, follow this link. Make sure to always follow the traffic rules everywhere you go, and be respectful of road signs at all times.

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