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The ‘Textalyzer’ Could Help Catch Distracted Drivers

A new technology hopes to put an end to distracted driving by giving law enforcement the ability to verify whether the driver was distracted while behind the wheel after the fact. Like a Breathalyzer, the “textalyzer” would determine if the driver was using his or her phone illegally on the road.

Lawmakers have been considering this technology in several cities across the country, but as the debate continues, many believe that the technology could represent a privacy breach as the feature could make it easier for officials to crack into the user’s phones to obtain data.

But to those who lost loved ones to distracted driving crashes, the use of this technology can be a life-saver. They argue that it’s difficult to obtain phone records and in many cases, distracted drivers don’t pay for their crimes and their mistakes. Due to this fact, they believe that the use of the textalyzer could put an end to this.

But until the technology is widely used, lawmakers will have to hold a discussion with the public in order to reach a common ground.

Until then, drivers must keep in mind that distracted driving is a serious risk. Many serious, deadly accidents occur because drivers chose to allow distractions to take over. If drivers are serious about their safety and the safety of their loved ones, they will remember to put their phones down the minute they sit behind the wheel.

They will also remember that drinking and eating while behind the wheel is also a distraction. And that talking to passengers may also lead to distractions.

Until more technologies that can help drivers are available, they must simply put their phones away to avoid accidents and serious injuries.

For more on the textalyzer and how it could change the game for law enforcement officials and cases against distracted drivers involved in accidents, follow this link.

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