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The I-5 Accidents Continue: Jeep Crashes, Driver Dies

Officials in Washington state are warning drivers that we are seeing too many accidents on Interstate 5. Unfortunately, the latest accident also resulted in a death.

According to the Washington State Patrol, a driver behind the wheel of a Jeep allowed the vehicle to travel extremely fast. The vehicle ended up rolling several times after the driver lost control. At the time, the car was merging onto southbound I-5.

According to investigators, the vehicle was going at a speed of up 100 miles per hour. After the vehicle went into the HOV lane, it crashed into the barrier and rolled. The crash killed the driver.

The driver was from Renton.

While debris from the Jeep struck another vehicle, nobody else suffered any injuries.

Speeding Is Deadly, Slow Down To Avoid Accidents

With so many deadly accidents happening on I-5, this latest occurrence is reminding us that drivers must do their part to avoid accidents. Making sure they never speed is a huge part of that.

Speeding, especially when it’s cold out and the roads are slippery, can lead to serious accidents. But even if the weather is nice, speeding will make the driver more likely to lose control over his or her vehicle.

To avoid accidents of any nature, however, it takes more than just not speeding, respecting the speed limit, and being focused. While making sure those are all factors you’re aware of while driving, accidents may still arise over other problems.

The best approach to stay safe while behind the wheel is to always be a responsible driver who understands that safety comes first. And that also means that drivers are doing all in their power to make sure they are properly maintaining their vehicles. Never ignoring open recalls associated with potential injury or accident risks is also part of that.

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