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That Uber Ride May Have Been Recalled

Here at our firm, we take the safety of our friends and clients seriously. That’s why we want drivers to always stay on top of auto recalls that impact their vehicles. But what about recalls that impact their rides? Are Lyft and Uber drivers keeping track of the recalls that impact their cars as well as they should?

According to official statistics, only about a quarter of vehicles with open recalls are fixed. That means that the odds of getting a ride in a Lyft or Uber car that may have an open recall are high.

Instead of ignoring these odds, it’s important that riders are doing all they can to ensure this issue is addressed. But how?

A recent article covering this very topic shows that drivers who work with Uber and Lyft lack information on recalls. When asked to comment on the subject, a spokesperson for Uber says that drivers are required to follow strict guidelines. That means that motorists get an advisory that suggest drivers to stay up-to-date on recall information. Despite of this advisory, there isn’t a follow-up, drivers say. So if the car you’re riding has an explosive air bag or another serious issue that could lead to major injury, the company is not making sure drivers are aware.

Drivers who work with Lyft and Uber are required to keep their cars well-maintained, but many would like to see more involvement and care coming from the companies. Until then, drivers should be concerned about open recalls related to issues that could be potentially deadly. Like the Takata-related air bag recalls that affect millions of vehicles across the country. Since the air bags in these recalled vehicles come with inflators that may explode mid-deployment, parts of metal may impact drivers and passengers, increasing the risk of serious and potentially deadly injuries.

If we may give you a piece of advice — whether you’re a ride-sharing car driver or a rider — is to keep an eye out for recalled vehicles. Pressure your drivers to know more or check your car’s VIN on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website to check for any open recalls.

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