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Thank Two Car Accidents For The I-5’s Wednesday Traffic Jam

Every now and then you hear of major traffic backups caused by accidents. These collisions, while not always related to one another, will often make the lives of commuters a living hell. This, as well as the potential injuries these accidents may ensue, are all the more reasons to do everything in our power to avoid accidents altogether.

As such, we continue to report on these collisions to help remind our readers and clients that safety means being responsible first.

On Wednesday, two separate crashes that ended up becoming one giant mess caused a major backup on southbound I-5, the Washington State Patrol has reported. The first accident involved a vehicle that rear-ended a second vehicle. As a result of the impact, the car that got hit pushed another one ahead.

Officials gave the driver a ticket for following too close after the accident.

The second crash involved a car that was speeding. As a result of the negligent behavior, the driver crashed into the three vehicles involved in the second accident. Officials gave the driver a ticket for speeding and for driving without a license.

While the reports do not mention any major injuries, and we’re glad that nobody appears to have been injured, this type of occurrence worries us as they happen often.

Erratic drivers who speed or who end up following too close are irresponsible. And when you do not take responsibility for your vehicle or your driving, you cause accidents.

Like distracted or drunk drivers, speeding and erratic drivers are not capable of slowing down or stopping the vehicle in time to avoid accidents.

If you are a victim of an accident caused by an erratic, distracted, or drunk driver, you should not let injustice prevail. Contact us for a free case evaluation. We will guide you through every step of the way.

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