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Tesla Under Gov’t Fire Over Deadly Model S Crash

The latest reports concerning Tesla and Tesla vehicles is beginning to concern tech and self-driving car enthusiasts.

According to a series of news reports, a fatal crash involving a Tesla Model S using the Autopilot system is prompting the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to launch a probe into the vehicles. If regulators find any issue with the system, a recall campaign might end up being launched.

The crash occurred on May 7. According to the reports, the 40-year-old driver had the Autopilot system on at the time of the incident. The system, as well as the driver, failed to see the tractor-trailer making a left turn in front of the vehicle, something that Tesla says has to do with how bright it was at the time and the fact that neither the driver nor the system was able to notice the white side of the trailer against the sky.

According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, regulators will be investigating over 25,000 units of the Model S, which are all fitted with the Autopilot system in order to learn whether there’s an issue with the technology. If a problem is spotted, the company may have to launch a recall.

After the reports regarding the deadly crash hit the news, the company also launched a statement claiming that customers are alerted when they activate the Autopilot system that they must give “explicit acknowledgement” that they understand that the system is under development. If the acknowledgement isn’t offered, the system will remain off. The warning also explains that the driver must keep his or her hands on the steering wheel even while the system is on in order to maintain control and responsibility for the vehicle.

Regardless of Tesla’s announcement, the agency is pushing for the probe, vowing to make sure this issue will be investigated at length.

Tesla consumers are urged to stay alert, as this probe may lead to a recall in the future.

For more on this story and the tragic accident that claimed at least one life, click here or watch the video below.

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