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Tesla Recalls Vehicles Over Brake Risks

It’s not often that all-electric cars are impacted by major recalls. But when it happens, countless of Americans whose love for the environment is strong enough to make them drive fully electric cars end up in a tough spot.

The latest auto recall campaign to be launched by Tesla has impacted 53,000 vehicles, including the Model S and Model X models. Since these cars come with parking brakes that may present issues, the company decided that to launch a recall was necessary.

According to a statement released by the company, the electric parking brakes installed on the Model S and Model X vehicles that were assembled between February and October of 2016 may come with small gears that may have not been manufactured correctly. This may have been due to issues caused by a third-party supplier.

So far, no accidents or injuries have been associated with the recalled models. Nevertheless, there’s a risk that a defective parking brake will lead to accidents and that’s why drivers shouldn’t ignore this issue.

The company should be sending official notices to impacted vehicle owners in the near future. Once they contact you, schedule a visit to a dealer where the brakes can be replaced promptly and for free.

According to many news organizations, this is the largest auto recall launched by the electric car maker owned by Elon Musk.

Until consumers are contacted, Tesla will be working with Freni Brembo, the supplier that will be delivering enough parts to have all vehicles repaired.

Hopefully, Tesla is able to have this issue addressed immediately so that the issue associated with the recalled vehicles can be addressed promptly.

We’re glad that the company has addressed this issue before accidents take place. As we all know, many of these recalls are only launched after people are injured in accidents. We’re glad that this time around, a campaign was ignited as soon as problems were discovered and not after crashes were reported.

For more on this recall, follow this link.

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