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Tesla Recalls Latest Models: Airbags Can Tear Mid-Deployment

Tesla is recalling its latest versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles in the U.S. over airbags that can tear up mid-deployment, providing poor protection to occupants in the event of an accident. 

When announcing the recall to regulators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Tesla explained that the issue may not impact a great number of vehicles. However, if the driver’s side airbags tear mid deployment, the driver will not be fully protected in the case of an accident. This realization prompted the recall in the hopes that addressing the issues promptly would help prevent serious injuries.

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While the firm stated that all impacted vehicles will have potentially defective airbags replaced for free, the recall campaign doesn’t kick off until early next year. Until then, drivers are urged to stay alert and to contact Tesla directly if they have any questions or concerns.  

Tesla Vehicles Remain Safe, But Safety Issue-Related Recall Should Not Be Ignored.

While Tesla’s vehicles are seen by many as some of the safest in the industry, the firm has also been under scrutiny following accidents involving the firm’s Autopilot feature as well as battery-related fires. With this recall in place, both car owners and regulators have yet another reason to demand the implementation of better protection from the manufacturer. Thankfully, the firm isn’t aware of any accidents or injuries associated with this recall. 

If you’re not sure your Tesla vehicle has been impacted, you can search for your car’s 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the company’s recall search system. You may also use the NHTSA’s database to search for any open recalls. 

By visiting the NHTSA’s recall website regularly, you will also stay on top of recalls impacting vehicles of all makes and models, helping to keep you and your family safe.

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