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Tesla Recalls All Of its Vehicles Over Software, Airbag Issues

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk made the headlines recently due to his Twitter purchase. However, the electric car company that made him a household name worldwide is now under scrutiny once again thanks to two auto recalls. 

According to a series of news outlets, Tesla announced two recalls that impact every single Tesla vehicle on the road. The first recall impacts the Tesla Model X vehicles, which can experience side airbag issues. The second recall impacts more than half a million vehicles and it is associated with the brand’s “Boombox” feature. 

Airbag Failure Exposes Tesla Occupants To Personal Injury Risk

The first recall involves all Model X SUVs. In its report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) explained that the vehicles’ side-curtain airbags can suffer interference from an open front window, prompting the safety device to not deploy as needed in an accident. 

Tesla announced that all impacted owners can schedule a visit to a Tesla service center to have their vehicles inspected and repaired. 

Over 7,000 vehicles are affected by this recall. 

Over Half A Million Vehicles Affected By Tesla Recall

The second recall impacts 595,717 vehicle models that range from the Tesla Model S to the Model Y. They come with “Boombox” features that allow drivers to customize their vehicles’ sounds. According to regulators with the NHTSA, some of the available sounds can interfere with mandatory warning systems, increasing the risk of accidents. In order to address this problem, which impacts nearly every Tesla on the road, the firm will roll out a software update. However, the automaker has yet to announce when the update will be performed. 

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If you own one of the recalled vehicles and you have any concerns or questions, reach out to the firm’s customer service at 1 (888) 518-3752 for assistance. 

Stay on top of auto recall news to make sure your vehicle is always in top shape. Keeping up with maintenance helps your car to run smoothly, helping to prevent equipment failure-related crashes.

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