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Tesla, Fiat Chrysler Recall Campaigns Impact Thousands Of Vehicles

Tesla issued a recall several sedans over lacking of air bag warning information.

According to a series of reports, the fact the warning doesn’t have enough information could lead to an injury.

The firm claims that the driver-side sun visor in these vehicles don’t have info regarding the air bags. This means that the driver may lack information that could help him prevent injuries in the case of an accident. Tesla says that impacted vehicles include the Tesla Model 3 sedans.

Tesla reported that owners will receive a notification in the mail in October. At the dealer, service technicians will inspect the visors and replace it if necessary. This fix is free.

Owners who have questions or concerns regarding this recall should contact Tesla directly for more details at 877-798-3752.

While the Tesla campaign is important and drivers shouldn’t ignore them, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) also issued a campaign involving vehicles that could expose occupants to a fire.

Recall Campaign: Ram Vehicles Could Catch Fire

The 107,898 diesel pickups recalled by FCA come with exhaust-gas recirculation coolers that could experience microscopic cracks. If this occurs, the coolant could escape, and a fire may ensue.

According to the firm, the car uses the cooler as part of the system that reduces tailpipe pollutants. Because this issue could lead to a fire and serious injuries, the firm issued the recall.

FCA claimed that it is aware of “a number of small fires,” including four cases in which the drivers who tried to put out fires suffered injuries.

The automaker should contact impacted vehicle owners to let them know when they should go to a dealer. Because the firm does not have all the repair details down, dealers can’t fix this problem immediately.


If you’re worried for your safety, contact FCA’s customer-service line at 800-853-1403. You may also click here for more details.

We urge you to never ignore a similar recall, especially if accidents already happened.


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