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Teen’s Wrecked Car On Display To Teach Others About Distracted Driving

Distracted driving accidents continue to be a problem across the country. And unfortunately, these accidents happen all too often with teens and young, inexperienced drivers.

In order to help local teens learn more about the risks associated with the behavior, the Oregon Department of Transportation has put on display the remains of a vehicle in which a 19-year-old died.

The accident that marked the town happened when the teen was operating her vehicle while handling and using her phone to text and check social media. As she was distracted by her phone, her 1998 Buick Century failed to negotiate a left-hand curve. As a result, the vehicle crossed over into the opposite lane, crashing into a 1994 Lincoln Continental.

The teen driver died as a result of the collision while two other people in the other car were seriously injured.

After the deadly accident, the crumpled remains of the vehicle are being used as a reminder of the risks associated with distracted driving. This effort came from both the teen’s family and the state DOT.

The vehicle isn’t always on display, but it will be through this weekend.

While the sight is difficult for some, it teaches others that driving while distracted is a serious and deadly endeavor.

Unfortunately, teens are more likely to be distracted drivers, both because they are inexperienced and because they aren’t fully aware of the risks associated with the practice.

While it’s tragic that this accident had to happen for more people to learn about the impact associated with this behavior, it’s honorable that the victim’s family would be willing to allow the vehicle to be on display. We hope that more people are able to learn from this driver’s mistakes so that fewer tragic accidents happen in the future.

We urge our readers who are parents to talk to their teens about the dangers associated with distracted driving so they are aware of the potential consequences.

For more on this accident, follow this link.

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