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Teen Makes Most Moving Anti-Distracted Driving Campaign We’ve Ever Seen

Many teens have a hard time dropping the habit of driving while distracted. As we all know, they are also the group that is more likely to be involved in auto accidents caused by distraction. In order to help teens to be better and more alert drivers, many organizations launch campaigns urging teens to use their creativity to develop videos and other types of media that urge teens and other older drivers to be better, safer drivers by avoiding distractions.

The latest video challenge is known as Toyota TeenDrive365, and according to many reports, one of the finalists may be more likely to move the viewer than others. And that’s because this particular teen decided to look into the matter from the perspective of those who lose drivers who become victims of distracted driving.

In his video, which is one of the finalists out of nearly 1,500 submissions, the viewer is able to experience what a mother feels when a child is involved in a serious distracted driving. With this video, the teen hopes that viewers will learn that when they choose to be distracted while behind the wheel, they are not only hurting themselves and other drivers who may be impacted, they are also hurting their loved ones.

When it comes to their phones, many teens and other adult drivers are simply obsessed. But what they miss is that when they allow distractions to take over, they are denying their own responsibilities and instead, putting their phones and communications before their own safety.

To the teen behind the anti-distracted driving PSA that is inspiring an entire generation, reminding drivers that they are ignoring the long-term consequences in exchange for short-term gratification.

Next time you sit behind the wheel, remember that distraction driving will not only put you in danger, but it will also cause great pain to those you love the most. Are you ready to let that happen?

Watch the full video here:

For more on this video challenge, click here.

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