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Teach Your Teen Children to Drive Safely

Driving a vehicle is a responsibility. But young drivers aren’t as quick to embrace it as such.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offices have reported that car accidents are the leading cause of death among teens between the ages of 16 and 19. In order to make sure your child is not another victim, you should always remind them about the safety tips they must follow in order to avoid deadly collisions.

In order to help parents, safety experts are coming together to launch a list of tips parents should teach their children while they are learning how to drive.

First and foremost, experts say, parents should make sure their children go through driver’s education classes. These classes help young drivers to learn important defensive driving techniques. These classes also give teens the opportunity of going through real-world driving experiences with an expert by their side.

Another important part of teaching a teen to drive is to make sure that he or she understands that the number of passengers needs to be restricted. Instead of allowing your child to drive with as many passengers as he or she wants, parents must alert them to the fact that more passengers means more distractions.

According to the American Automobile Association, the risk of crashes increased by 44 percent when the teen driver is operating the vehicle with young passengers present. The rate of crashes quadruples when teens carry three or more passengers under the age of 21.

When talking to your children about important driving safety tips, remind them to never speed.

In most crashes caused by teen drivers, speed is alway a factor, which leads safety experts to urge parents to remind their children that their safety should come first. Reminding young drivers that their vehicle is a weapon, and that focus on safety should come first, may help them to see the possible risks.

But while all of these tips are important, the top most important thing every young driver should remember is that their phone can also lead to major crashes.

Teach your child to turn off the phone the minute he or she sits behind the wheel.

At least 12 percent of all teenage driving crashes occur because of phone-related distraction. If you would like to have some peace of mind, make sure to use apps that help to keep the phone inoperable while the vehicle is motion and keep track of it by having parental controls over your child’s phones. Teach your teen child to respect his life and the lives of others by refusing to pick up the phone while driving, as well. Leading by example will help him in the long run.

For more safety tips that could prove valuable for teens hoping to avoid crashes in the future, follow this link.

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