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Takata Named In Latest Ford Recall

Ford has announced that an auto recall has recently been launched. According to the report, the campaign is associated with Takata airbags, but not the ones that may implode mid-deployment.

According to Ford, this recall impacts all units of the 2016 and 2017 Ford Edge, Lincoln MKX, and 2017 Lincoln Continental. These vehicles, Takata alerted the company, come with frontal driver airbags that may present issues. Because these airbags come with cushions that might detach from airbag modules, the driver may not be protected in the case of a crash.

Ford has announced that this issue is not associated with the Takata airbags that may implode mid-deployment. Unlike this recall, other Takata-related recalls may lead to serious and potentially deadly injuries in accidents that would have otherwise produced no injuries. And that’s because the metal inflators in other Takata airbags may explode in small pieces, hitting occupants with a great deal of force. If that’s the case, individuals may even die as a result of the impact.

In the case of this particular Ford recall, the issue lies with the cushions that may not inflate as intended, causing the issue to expose the occupant to serious and potentially deadly injuries if the cushion is not ready to absorb impact.

The company says it hasn’t learned about any injuries associated with this recall. Nevertheless, consumers must stay aware. Impacted vehicle owners should contact the manufacturer if they have any concerns associated with the recall.

Ford, along with several other automakers and Takata, has been named in a lawsuit associated with other airbag issues. Consumers who are concerned about their safety should not remain quiet since this problem may lead to serious and potentially deadly injuries. Stay on top of similar recalls and act fast if you were impacted. Ignoring these types of recall may lead to serious injuries and risks.

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