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Takata Launches Recall Covering New Set Of Air Bags

The now infamous Takata air bag recall has been expanded to add millions of vehicles to the list of impacted models.

This piece of news is important as it impacts millions of vehicles nationwide.

According to the company, the auto safety supplier filed papers with the U.S. government that add 2.7 million vehicles to the list of recalled cars fitted with defective air bags. These vehicles were manufactured by Nissan, Mazda, and Ford.

This particular recall is different from other Takata recalls because the air bags these vehicles are fitted with were perceived as safe. Now, the company is reporting that they may actually be putting lives in danger.

Impacted vehicles include those from the 2005 through 2012 model years. In each of these vehicles, the Takata air bag inflators may explode. Thanks to the force the inflators may apply, the metal may rupture and shrapnel will be spewed into occupants. Due to the force with which they are thrown into the cabin, occupants may be hit and seriously, or potentially even deadly injured.

At least 17 people have died in accidents involving these air bags while at least 180 were injured. The new recall impacts 515,000 Versa subcompact hatchbacks and sedans of the 2007 through 2012 model years. Mazda’s B-Series trucks from 2007 through 2009 were impacted, and Ford has announced it will report more in the future.

With millions of cars being impacted by the Takata-related recalls, this particular campaign, split in several, is the most comprehensive the country has seen. With so many vehicles being impacted by this and previous Takata campaigns, the thought of ignoring these campaigns in terrifying and drivers should be aware.

So if you suspect your car may have been impacted by this or another Takata-related campaign, check out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website in order to check your car’s VIN number for any open recalls. Chances are that if your car has been recalled thanks to the Takata issue, you will be contacted personally but if you’re not, there are ways you can act in order to learn whether your car has been impacted.

For more on this recall extension, follow this link to read the full report.

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