Takata Launches Last Takata-Related Recall

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Takata air bag recall

The Takata air bag recall that rocked countless automakers and that exposed a series of consumers to major risk continues to worry car owners. Now, as Toyota enters the final phase of the Takata air bag recall, the firm is adding thousands of vehicles to the list, warning car owners they must act fast.

Toyota says that the recalled items already had replacement Takata air bags, a measure put in place to give the firm more time to find a final solution to this problem.

Originally, firms such as Toyota had to recall millions of vehicles fitted with explosive air bags. Because of the intense pressure during deployment caused by long exposure to humidity, the air bag inflators would shatter. This would cause metal shrapnel to fly into the car’s cabin, exposing occupants to serious injuries.

In many cases, occupants suffered serious injuries. As a matter of fact, Takata knows of over one hundred such cases. In at least a dozen of accidents, however, victims suffered deadly injuries.

This latest recall impacts over 900,000 vehicles. At dealerships, technicians will install replacement air bags. They are not Takata-made.

Toyota is contacting impacted vehicle owners in mid-December. Until then, avoid injuries or accidents by being a safe and defensive driver.

Ignoring A Major Recall Such As The Takata Air Bag Campaign Is Dangerous

The Takata air bag recall is a major campaign that impacted millions of cars in the United States. Unfortunately, because of the high volume of impacted vehicles, automakers had difficulty finding replacement parts. As a result, companies took a long time to be able to recall all impacted cars.

As Toyota recalls the last batch of vehicles still at risk due to the Takata air bags, it is of extreme importance that car owners who are at risk will respond to the recall promptly. We urge you to never postpone getting your car fixed.

For more details on this recall, follow this link.


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