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Surge in Traffic Fatalities Tied to Distracted Driving

When it comes to distracted driving, many drivers are quick to think that the problem is never going to affect them. But the reality is that distracted driving may target any of us. Whether we are the driver taking part in distracted driving or the passenger.

According to the Transportation Department, the number of traffic deaths has been increasing significantly recently, spiking 10.4 percent in the first six months of 2016.

One year ago, the increase was at 7.2 percent.

While the rate of deadly crashes has been in decline previously, things changed dramatically in 2015 and distracted driving might be the reason why.

According to auto insurance groups, insurance companies are seeing bigger increase in the number of deadly traffic crashes in urban areas. The problem, the group of insurers claims, is that in urban areas, congestion is getting worse. In rural areas where congestion is not a problem, deadly crashes haven’t been taking place more frequently.

Between 2014 and 2016, collision frequency dropped 11.3 percent in Alaska, but in the District of Columbia, it rose 14 percent. In Maryland, crash rates rose 5.9 percent while in Georgia they rose 9.4 percent.

According to the analysis provided by the insurance industry, Washington state saw a 6.2 percent increase in the number of collisions in the same period.

A recent study has shown that drivers who are often stuck in traffic tend to use their smartphones to text or to browse the Internet. As drivers become distracted by their phones during congestions, the risks associated with potential accidents increase.

Drivers who are taking part in this activity should keep in mind that, distracted driving laws aside, the behavior may kill you or a fellow driver.

Distraction, like intoxication, slows down your capacity to identify danger and act promptly to avoid collisions.

If drivers are not paying attention to the road and what is going on ahead, they are not able to slow down or stop their vehicle in time to avoid crashing. In order to make sure you’re always doing what’s best for your safety, stay alert and put your phone down.

For more on what insurance companies are talking about, follow this link.

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