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Subaru Recall Impacts Half A Million Cars

Faulty air bag sensors are behind the latest Subaru recall, reports show. According to the firm, the issue impacts Subaru Forester vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigated Foresters for the air bag sensor issue According to the firm, the company eventually discovered that the sensor could fail in cars with heated seats. Because of an electrical connection inside the seats might loosen over time, the occupant detection system won’t work correctly. This will deactivate the passenger air bag, and in the event of an accident, injuries will ensue.

The firm stated that the issue impacts the 2015 through 2018 Foresters. This means that, in America, at least 366,282 units could be in danger.

Firm: Subaru Recall Not Linked To Injury Accidents

While the firm claims that the impacted vehicles did not expose any occupants to injuries, it alerted owners that the warning light may illuminate if the problem occurs.

The company is still waiting on the necessary parts to fix all impacted vehicles. Subaru will start to notify impacted vehicle owners in late November.

Once you schedule a visit to a dealership, technicians should inspect the air bag sensor and then install a new one if they detect the problem. The repair is free.

Whenever you learn of a recall that exposes occupants to injury, you must respond. Even if you believe that nothing could go wrong with your vehicle.

Ignoring a recall has a series of bad consequences. One being that accidents may occur, putting you and your loved ones in danger. Another consequence is that you may be held liable for an accident that hurts someone else. In this case, if you were aware of a recall and you still didn’t act and an accident happens, endangering someone else’s life, you may be held responsible.

Do not let this or other recalls go by ignored.

For more information on this recall, follow this link.


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