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Storm-Related Accidents Prompt Mountain Pass Closures, Warnings

Washington drivers are often used to the wild change in weather and temperature. So they are also often aware that the different weather conditions will also impact the roads, making accidents more likely.

To Washingtonians who rely on the Cascade Mountain passes, reports on closures are always a difficult thing to handle. Still, recommendations and warnings must be heeded as drivers may become stuck or worse, injured, in accidents if they ignore the reports.

Due to an incoming storm, reports show, the Washington State Patrol decided to close all traffic of Interstate 90 on Thursday morning. Thankfully, the closure lasted a short period.

According to officials, the closure was thanks to a series of spinouts and collisions caused by heavy snowfall.

Precisely because many drivers may have dismissed the risks as unfounded concerns, they may have allowed speed and other factors to be part of their driving, making accidents more likely to occur.

If you will be driving through Interstate 90, remember that the use of chains is a requirement. The only vehicles that do not require the use of chains are all-wheel drive.Troopers will be looking for drivers who are not following the rule and who will, therefore, end up exposing others to accidents and risks of accidents since they won’t be using the chains.

If you’re considering traveling to the Cascades Mountains anytime soon, remember that officials have released a storm warning for the region. That means that the road will be extra slushy, therefore harder to negotiate and more dangerous.

If you would like to learn more about this warning, follow this link.

Our office is reminding drivers all across Washington that while certain warnings are issued for particular regions, accidents caused by icy roads are still very likely to occur anywhere in the state. You must stay focused and make sure that your car is ready to face any potential problems.

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