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Spokane Officials Urge Drivers To Secure Their Loads To Avoid Accidents

City and County officials in Spokane are urging drivers to secure their loads to prevent traffic mishaps from happening.

They are asking drivers to make sure their loads of trash or yard waste are properly secured before hitting the road. This announcement comes before city and county officials begin charging those who show up to transfer stations with unsecured loads.

Drivers who fail to follow these rules will have to pay fines that range from $5 to $10.

While the fines are relatively low, officials believe that the new rules will remind drivers they should be mindful of their cargo.

In Washington State, You Pay A Hefty Fine For Unsecured Loads

While Spokane officials enforce local rules regarding unsecured trash and waste loads, the state of Washington has its own rules governing all kinds of unsecured loads.

If you’re driving with an unsecured load on the highway and the Washington State Patrol pulls you over, you can end up receiving a $216 citation.

In the Spokane city’s press release, officials said that drivers must secure their loads because uncovered cargo “can lead to litter and accidents.”

Each year, officials added, vehicles produce 12 million pounds of litter. Securing your load will help lower those numbers, while also making roads safer.

Officials consider a load to be secured when nothing in the cargo can shift or blow out.

Drivers may use a tarp, but they can also further secure their load by covering it with netting and ropes and by keeping it contained inside the vehicle.

According to King County officials, drivers should always fasten large items directly to their vehicles, making sure to keep all coverings securely tied down.

In order to keep smaller, lighter items from shifting or falling off, officials recommend placing heavier items on top to keep smaller items in place.

Also, drivers should never overload their vehicles.

For more on Spokane’s new unsecured load fines, follow this link.

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