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Speeding Behind 100 MPH Pursuit, Collision With Deer

Speeding is dangerous, that’s why it is against the law. No matter how often drivers are pulled over for speeding, or how often they suffer the consequences of the practice by crashing, some motorists still believe they can get away with it. Recently, a suspect fled a traffic stop, driving at 100 MPH on Highway 17.

According to Adams County’s Sheriff’s Deputies, the 58-year-old man refused to pull over, prompting officials with the Sheriff’s department, the Washington State Patrol, and Connell Police to pursue the man shortly before 11 PM on Saturday.

As the driver drove 100 mph, he swerved into the oncoming lane, and eventually hit a deer. Despite the impact with the animal and the damage it caused his vehicle, he kept on going.

Eventually, however, the damage to his car caught up with the driver, causing him to careen off the road and crash in a field in northern Franklin County.

Officials said that no injuries were reported.

In Washington, Speeding Will Get You In Trouble

While officials were thankful that the chase did not result in serious crashes or injuries, exceeding the speed limit is the second most common cause of auto accidents in the country.

Drivers in Washington must remember that breaking the speed limit carries consequences, and that accidents caused by speeding often lead to injuries.

Currently, the speeding driver involved in this pursuit is being held in the Adams County jail on a series of charges. To drivers in Washington reading about this incident, this must serve as a warning. After all, driving recklessly puts their lives in danger, but it also leads to problems with the law.

Respect traffic rules and stay ahead of the curve by avoiding other types of risky behaviors such as distracted driving. By being a responsible driver, you will also be able to avoid accidents.

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