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Speed Named As Factor In Deadly WA Accident

All too many deadly accidents happen in Washington state. And unfortunately, many of these auto, motorcycle, truck, and bicycle accidents end up being perfectly preventable.

According to a series of news reports, a man from Whatcom County has passed away in an accident that happened Sunday night. The accident took place when the man who had been driving a black Mitsubishi Eclipse south of Lumni View Drive when the driver lost control of the car while attempting to make a curve. The vehicle then crossed the northbound lane before it rolled off the road to the east.

Officials said that the vehicle had been traveling at such high speeds that the frame wrapped around a tree.

The driver died at the scene of the crash. He was only 23-years-old.

We are pained and saddened to have learned of this tragic and deadly crash. We, as personal injury attorneys, know how difficult this type of event can be to the victim’s family. We hope the 23-year-old’s family is receiving the support and attention they deserve in this time of great need.

Washington drivers, beware. Speeding, like distracted driving and intoxicated driving, are some of the most dangerous activities you can engage in as a driver. If you’re serious about your safety, bring your attention to the road, avoid breaking road rules, and ignoring additional risks associated with other activities that may lead to crashes such as intoxicated driving.

For more on this crash, follow this link.

For more reports on crashes or accidents that could have been prevented and how to learn from them by getting to know the factors that led to the collisions, continue to follow our blog and social media pages.

We’re dedicated to making sure that you and your loved ones are safe by reporting on these stories regularly.

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