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Snow, Salt Can Corrode Nissan Connectors, Lead To Auto Fires

Nissan recalled all units of its 2014 through 2016 Rogue vehicles nationwide over issues that could lead to auto fires, personal injury, and other problems, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported. This issue is especially concerning for Washington drivers considering the recalled vehicles may fail due to snow and road salt built up.

According to officials, 688,946 vehicles were impacted. 

Nissan Vehicles Exposed To Snow Are At Greater Risk

NHTSA’s report states that over time, water and salt collected in the driver’s side footwell will wick up the dash side harness tape, entering into the connector. In this case, electric current can flow between the connector terminals and corrode them, increasing the risk of a failure of the driver’s window and power seat. This can lead to the illumination of the AWD warning light, a battery discharge, and, depending on the circumstances, a fire. 

Burning smells or related issues can be signs that the vehicle is experiencing the issue associated with this recall. 

Nissan Has No Fix Readily Available For This Recall

While the problem associated with this recall is serious, the firm is still studying what it can do to help prevent injuries and auto fires. 

If you own one of these recalled vehicles, the firm will contact you to alert of the safety risk in early March. 

NHTSA reported that Nissan expects to have a solution available in the spring and that impacted vehicle owners will receive additional recall notifications once that happens. Customers who had to pay for repairs related to the recall should be reimbursed once the solution is identified. 

If you worry about this recall and would like to have any additional concerns or questions addressed, contact Nissan at 1-800-867-7669. This recall number is R21B9. 

For more on this recall and what Nissan is doing to prevent fires, follow this link

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