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Several Semi Trucks Involved In Accidents Thanks To Snowy Roads

Tri-Cities residents are still struggling with the slippery roads following the weekend’s snowstorm. Unfortunately, many semi truck drivers have a hard time staying off the roads, and end up sliding and crashing.

On Tuesday morning, a semi truck slammed into a guard rail while on Interstate 82. The truck was going east near the Oregon border in the morning when the vehicle slid and crashed. This accident was one of the eight crashes reported between 5 and 8 a.m. that day, the Washington State Patrol reported. Officials say that the driver was going too fast for the road condition at the time and he lost control.

Later, a driver swerved to avoid crashing into a two-semi crash while traveling on Highway 395. Unfortunately, the driver went north in the southbound lanes. The driver eventually triggered four semi truck pileup.

Two other accidents also involved semi trucks.

Once swerved to avoid a crash, hitting the guardrail, and a third semi truck crashed into the second truck as well as another, crashing into a Dodge pickup truck.

After the several semi truck accidents, officials sent at least five victims to the hospital. One of the accidents involved a child. A tractor trailer crashed into the Toyota Corolla carrying the child.

Despite the many accidents, officials did not report any major or deadly injuries. Still, issues may arise as the weather continues to bring more snow to the region.  As a matter of fact, the National Weather Service predicted more freezing rain and officials urged drivers to stay alert. After all, the freezing rain may transition into snow overnight. This could make roads even more slippery.

Avoid Crashes On Slippery Roads By Slowing Down

Whenever you drive on slippery roads, remember that the ice and snow make it easier for drivers to lose control. It is because many drivers have a hard time slowing down that accidents happen when snow falls.

If you live in an area in Washington where snowstorms continue to fall, beware of the risks. If you can avoid driving until road conditions improve, that could help to avoid accidents.

For more on the accidents plaguing the Tri-Cities, follow this link.

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