Setting Up A Christmas Tree? Follow These Fire Safety Tips

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For many families around the state, it’s time to set up their Christmas tree, along other holiday-related decorations. However, many safety experts are concerned about the potential fire hazards.

Officials are urging anyone setting up their holiday decorations to keep in mind that fires can spark quickly due to Christmas trees. And in no time, it may spread, putting residents’ lives in danger.

The first thing that homeowners must do is to check the trees they are considering buying by using the “tap” test. Before taking the tree, lift it up and tap it on the ground. If needles fall off, that means the tree is already too dry.

When you find the perfect tree, you must keep in mind that they will need as much as a gallon of water a day to keep them from drying out. Also, avoid placing your tree near heat sources, as it will dry them faster.

Once you get home, recut the trunk at least two inches above the previous cut. This will help the tree to keep pulling in moisture. Then promptly place the trunk in water. Even if you’re not going to put up the tree to decorate it immediately, have it placed in a bucket with water.

If you want to make sure the tree is even better preserved, you may add some commercial floral preservatives to the water.

Avoid Fire Hazards By Keeping Your Christmas Tree Cool

Whether you’re using a live or an artificial tree, never leave it near a heater outlet, a fireplace, or other heat sources. When trees dry out, they become a fire hazard, and keeping them warm will only speed up the process.

When setting up the lights for your tree, remember to never overload the outlets by connecting too many together. To prevent a potential short circuit and heat-related problems, use multi plug circuit type plugs. Also, do not keep the tree set up for much longer after the holidays, especially if you’re using a live tree. After all, it will eventually die, becoming a serious hazard.

After removing the tree from your house, take the tree to a recycle center or make sure that it’s taken by waste collector.

For more Christmas tree safety tips, follow this link.

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