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Serious Distracted Driving Crash Tied to Snapchat User

The sharing economy is blooming. With the increase in the use of phone apps, however, drivers are also affected, especially if they ignore safety warnings.

According to a series of news reports, an individual from Georgia filed a lawsuit against Snapchat recently after a tragic accident caused by a distracted driver left him with permanent health issues.

The crash occurred when the distracted driver allowed her vehicle to travel at 100 miles per hour. She had been using Snapchat on her phone, but because of the speed filter, a feature that tracks how fast you’re traveling while you take a selfie, the driver was allegedly too invested in the act of taking a photo to pay attention to the road.
The reports indicate that once the speeding vehicle crashed into the back of a vehicle traveling ahead, the victim sustained brain trauma as a result of the impact.
To many attorneys across the country, the speed filter issue is a serious one.

Since Snapchat images are deleted once the message is sent, drivers using the technology to snap a selfie while driving are forced to put a great deal of effort into the distracted action. The extra incentives tied to the speed filter are also concerning, considering drivers are attempting to take selfies at higher speeds.

Before the user is able to make use of the speed filter, Snapchat releases an alert that reads: Do NOT Snap and Drive. Yet the distracted driver never thought that her actions could have serious consequences.

Drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who are injured in crashes caused by distracted drivers using interactive apps such as Snapchat that demand a great deal of attention could be seriously injured. If you’re a smartphone user and you are serious about your own safety and the safety of others, put your phone down and remember that, whenever you’re involved in an auto crash caused by inattention, you bear the responsibility for your mistakes. Companies that design these apps and develop systems for the sole purpose of entertainment should put safeguards in place to help drivers avoid these types of crashes.

For more on this accident, watch the video below or click here.

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