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Semi Vs. Pickup Truck Accident Results In One Death

A Tacoma accident involving a semi and a pickup truck resulted in one death, news outlets report. 

According to the Washington State Patrol, a semi truck ran a red light, crashing into a pickup truck and killing its driver.

The accident happened on Saturday at about 9:30 a.m. on State Route 509 at Alexander Avenue East. The 34-year-old semi truck driver was heading west on Alexander Avenue when he ran the red light, crashing into the pickup truck traveling north on SR-509. The semi driver said he was checking his mirrors at the time of the accident, which caused him to miss the red light. 

No other vehicles were involved. 

Upon investigation, WSP officials said that no drugs or alcohol were a factor in the accident. 

Distracted Driving Accident Rates Went Up In Seattle Despite Lockdowns

This tragic accident reminds us of similar collisions involving distracted drivers. 

In Washington state, driving while distracted by phones and other electronics, food, drinks, cigarettes, and other activities is against the law

First-time distracted driving law offenders must pay at least $136 in fines. Repeat offenders pay at least $234. If you’re pulled over for an unrelated traffic infraction while also being distracted, you will get a $99 ticket on top of whatever traffic offense-related ticket that applies to your situation.    

But despite what the law says, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has reported that the city of Seattle alone saw at least 48 accidents caused by cell phone use in 2019. In 2020, officials registered 54 phone distraction-related accidents despite the stay-at-home orders, a considerable increase.

We hope that this crash will help to remind drivers that the risks associated with distracted driving are very much real and that they can lead to fatalities. 

Avoid fines and deaths by following the law: stay focused on the road ahead.

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