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Semi-Truck Rear-Ends School Bus, Crash Injures Five

All too often, we hear of car, truck, or motorcycle accidents that saddens us. Many of these accidents happen because of distraction, intoxicated driving, and speeding. And that’s why drivers who are serious about their safety should be aware that the risks are real and that they are responsible for their vehicles.

The latest accident to happen in Washington to concern us involved two large vehicles, a semi-truck and a school bus. These particular types of collisions concern us deeply due to the obvious risks associated with school bus crashes.

According to officials, the driver of the semi-truck was following too close while driving in Cle Elum. All of a sudden, the vehicle rear-ended a school bus, causing two adult and two child passengers to be injured as a result of the collision. The bus driver was also injured. All victims were treated at a local hospital and later released.

The truck driver was cited for following too close, the Washington State Patrol announced. And that brings us to the message we would like to share with all of our readers and clients.

When driving, especially a large vehicle like an SUV or even a truck, you must remember that driving too closely will boost the likelihood of crashes. But it’s not only large vehicles that become more difficult to slow down when they are following too closely, other smaller passenger vehicles as well.

Like speeding and distracted driving, it’s difficult to slow down and stop completely if you’re following too closely. As a result, an emergency may occur and you may end up crashing, putting your life and the lives of others in grave danger.

We hope that everyone who was injured in this crash was able to recover promptly, but we’re also hopeful that others will learn from this mistake. After all, if this truck had been going a bit faster, the crash could have been disastrous.

For more on this collision, follow this link.

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