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Self-Driving Doctor? It’s Going To Happen

Self-driving technology has already started making a huge difference in the world.

According to a series of news reports, a new concept wants to bring the doctor to the patient’s door via a self-driving van. Aim comes from Seattle-based firm Artefact. And according to reports, the system would be a fit for anyone, even those who do not have health insurance.

It would work by implementing items you use in your daily life that could help to keep your health in check. If there’s a problem, then the autonomous doctor car would be driving to you. At these vans, patients would then be directed to take more tests. Medications could also be dispensed that way.

All in all, these vans could represent a breakthrough in both the medical and traffic industries as it would combine technologies from different areas together in the name of patient health and safety. With fewer patients under difficult treatments having to drive to get to their doctors, these vans could also ensure they are safe at all times.

While this is still a new concept and we’re yet to see how it develops over time and if it really can be implemented correctly, we celebrate any effort that helps drivers and patients be healthier and safer.

In an age where so many patients suffer due to medical malpractice and when drivers are often exposed to major risks because of distraction, drowsiness and intoxicated driving, it’s good to see technology companies acting proactively. If more organizations acted this way, more solutions would be already available.

If you’re curious to know more about this technology, click here. Stay alert to different technology developments and how self-driving systems intend to help drivers globally by reading our blog regularly. As personal injury attorneys, we like to report on new technologies that are meant to help and ensure drivers, passengers, and others are safe at all times.

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