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Self-Driving Cars ‘See’ The Road, And This Is How

The self-driving revolution is happening, whether we like it or not. Despite this certainty, many are still unsure of what to expect from this new approach to transportation.

While many companies like Google and Uber are investing heavily on self-driving car technology, many are afraid the system will not secure drivers and others sharing the road simply because they are not able to be completely aware of all potential emergencies.

In order to help the public become more familiarized with the autonomous car technology, we are sharing a video from Civil Maps that reveals what happens when self-driving cars hit the road. This video shows what the technology is able to “see,” helping the system identify potential threats and avoid accidents.

The video released by the company backed by Ford shows how the self-driving technology localizes an obstacle or a car and how it uses pitch and yaw rotational axes to help the system focus its attention on potentially dangerous vehicles ahead.

With the localization and mapping technology being displayed in this video, the viewer is able to understand the system a little better. Perhaps, this will help viewers who are concerned about their safety while using the self-driving car to be better acquainted with how the system is being designed to keep occupants away from harm.

But to many who are simply not trusting of the technology, self-driving is not a solution to the increased number of car accidents being reportedly yearly across America. If you’re one of these drivers, you must be aware that your attention and your actions must match how you approach the issue.

Instead of allowing distraction and erratic behaviors take be part of your driving routine, drivers must be aware of the risks by making sure that they are focused on the act of driving. They must also apply defensive driving techniques to their driving, and make sure they are never intoxicated while behind the wheel.

For more on how the self-driving vehicles “see” the road, watch the video below or click here.

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