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Self-Driving Cars & Porsches Don’t Mix, Executive Says

According to a series of news reports, self-driving cars may not be the safest when it comes to cyber threats. But that has nothing to do with why Porsche won’t be venturing into the autonomous car craze.

Recently, Porsche’s executive director said that nobody should expect seeing a self-driving Porsche roaming the streets anytime soon. He argued that the owner of a Porsche vehicle is the type of driver who likes take control over his or her vehicle. He added that, if drivers want a smartphone, get one and put it in your pocket. This type of technology should not be part of the road landscape.

Despite Porsche’s chief’s comments, many are claiming that the company could have a change of heart in the near future.

In the past, Porsche stopped making only sports cars in order to meet an important market demand. As a result, Porsche became brand that also produced popular crossovers, SUVs, and even sedans. If that’s any indicator of how the company does business, Porsche could bend to market pressure in the future if self-driving cars became popular.

Before companies are able to put self-driving cars on the road, however, it’s important that consumers understand that the autonomous car technology is still being tested. Unless companies are able to work with regulators in order to develop safe vehicles that won’t put the lives of occupants and others in danger while the system is on control of the driving, the technology won’t be made widely available.

As companies develop their own self-driving cars, they also make use of autonomous features to develop semi-autonomous systems to help drivers now.

Many of these technologies, such as the crash-avoidance systems, are designed to keep drivers from being exposed to unnecessary risks. If the driver is unable to correct the vehicle’s course moments before crashing into an obstacle, another car, or a pedestrian, these systems kick in. Some features will warn the driver about the risk, trigger the brakes, or steer the vehicle to safety.

Regardless of what car and tech companies will be able to develop over time in the self-driving field, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s also a cyber threat that companies will have to address before launching these vehicles. Without isolating important components in these vehicles from potential hacking threats, these vehicles may end up exposing consumers to potential risks since hackers will be able to control these vehicles remotely.

For more on how Porsche’s chief has downplayed the influence of the autonomous car tech among Porsche executives, follow this link.

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