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Second Recall Issued For Chevy Bolts Over Fire Risks

Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles are being recalled a second time after the firm learned that after last year’s fix, the vehicles are still at risk of exposing drivers to a battery fire. 

According to the firm, owners of the 2017 through 2019 Chevy Bolt are at risk of experiencing a fiery incident in case the vehicles’ batteries are fully charged. At least 69,000 of the electric vehicles sold in the United States are impacted. 

Automaker: Original Auto Recall ‘Fix’ Was Temporary

In the 2020 recall report, Chevrolet explained that the vehicles were equipped with battery cells produced by LG Chem’s plant in Ochang, South Korea. After learning of at least 12 fires associated with the batteries, the firm recalled thousands of its electric vehicles. 

In order to address the issue, the firm provided impacted vehicles with a software update that prevented the battery from being fully charged. After a lengthy probe, however, the firm found a more permanent solution.

Concluding that the issue prompting the battery fires is “likely caused by one or more rare, latent cell-level manufacturing defects,” Chevrolet’s mother company, General Motors, designed a special diagnostic tool to test the batteries. 

With this new equipment, dealerships will be able to identify the batteries that have the defects, allowing them to replace the batteries that are at risk of fires. 

Regardless of how the test fares, the firm will also install new software on all recalled Chevrolet Bolts that will help the system identify battery anomalies.

To Avoid Fire-Related Accidents, GM’s Recall Notification Will Have Two Phases 

Regulators expect GM to contact impacted vehicle owners whose Bolts were previously repaired on May 13. On May 31, the firm will contact the rest of the impacted car owners.

If you own one of the recalled vehicles, stay alert. If you do not receive the notification in the mail, contact GM immediately to verify whether your car is at risk. 

While automakers are always required to contact impacted vehicle owners, many drivers fail to update their contact information when they move to a new residence. 

If you have moved recently and you are not sure the manufacturer has your updated contact information, reach out to find out so you’re always alerted of new recalls. 

For more on this recall, follow this link.

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