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Seattle Riders: Avoid Scooter Accidents By Following These Tips

Seattle residents are familiar with electric scooters. Across town, residents and visitors alike may rent an electric foot scooter for short or longer trips and ride to their destinations efficiently. Then, they may park the scooters so that someone else may use them and go about their day. Unfortunately, this cost-effective and convenient means of transportation has been increasingly associated with emergency room visits across the country. Most victims suffer injuries that can have severe and long lasting consequences. 

In order to help avoid accidents, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends that riders take the following precautions when riding an electric scooter. 

Avoid Head Injury: Wear A Helmet

In Seattle, helmets are required when riding an electric scooter. They are the most important safety feature as they help you to avoid head injuries. Additionally, stay safe by always riding alone. 

Check The Scooter For Damage

To avoid accidents caused by equipment issues, check the scooter for damage before hopping on it. 

Look for cracks in the tires, handlebar alignment issues, and make sure the brakes are working properly. Make sure you are acquainted with the technology before your ride.

Follow The Rules And Avoid Distractions

The rules of the road are simple. According to Seattle transportation officials, riders must use bike lanes or trails when available, never sidewalk ride unless a section of bike lane/trail routes onto the sidewalk, never ride on streets that have 25 mph or higher speed limits, and never ride in bus lanes. 

Additionally, riders should always stop at all crosswalks and intersections and never allow distractions to take their attention away from the road. 

When parking the scooter, help others remain safe by parking the electric scooter out of the way. If a scooter is placed in an inconvenient spot that will interfere with traffic, pedestrians and even motor vehicles might be at risk. 

These rules will help you avoid scooter accidents anywhere in Seattle and will also help to keep others safe.

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