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Seattle Rapper Macklemore Victim In DUI Accident

It’s not always that you hear of a popular musician or actor being involved in a traffic accident. Still, whenever we hear of these crashes, we know that many individuals will listen as they learn that a personality they know has been involved in a crash.

While we should never hope for these incidents, we must report on these accidents so our readers and clients learn from those involved so they won’t make the same mistakes.

The latest accident involving a celebrity happened 32 miles northwest of Seattle. And the victim was a Seattle-based rapper known as Macklemore.

The musician was involved in a head-on collision on Friday with a pickup truck. The accident happened at 11 p.m., the reports claim. The driver behind the wheel of the truck was allegedly intoxicated, authorities reported. Macklemore was behind the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz near the town of Langley when the accident happened.

While the rapper did not sustain any injuries, the truck driver reportedly suffered minor injuries.

Washington State Patrol troopers who responded to the scene of the accident say they took the man’s blood for a DUI test.

The rapper wasn’t alone at the time of the accident. According to the authorities, two other people were occupying the vehicle and at least one of the passengers sustained a minor injury.

We’re glad that nobody was seriously injured in this collision. As we all know, head-on accidents can be quite serious and may lead to deadly results at times. Drivers who are willing to do all in their power to avoid similar collisions must not only always be focused on the road but also sober.

Drunk and intoxicated driving puts you and others in danger by delaying your response time. Like distracted driving, drunken driving can lead to accidents you will regret being part of — if you survive.

Be safe to avoid similar accidents and click here to read more on this crash.

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