Seattle Mayor Orders Changes To Intersection After Accident Injures Two Girls

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September 24, 2018
Seattle car pedestrian accident road safety

After a pedestrian accident sent two girls to the hospital, the community rallied Seattle city officials. All they wanted was to urge officials to act to make the dangerous Rainier Avenue safer. Thanks to the girls  aged 10 and 9, the changes are now on their way.

The accident happened when the girls rushed west against a red signal on South Henderson Street across Rainier Avenue South. Unfortunately, at least one accident per day takes place in that same corridor. Now, the Seattle mayor is ordering safer walk signals, pressing law enforcement to crack down on speeding drivers.

According to the neighbors who are forced to cross that stretch of the road regularly, the region needs safer walking conditions. They see these accidents happen daily and think that reducing lanes and lowering speeds of arterials could help.

The mayor visited the intersection after the accident. He also endorsed changes that would allow for the installation of a set of automatic traffic cameras. City technicians also adjusted the signals at the intersection. This way, pedestrians have a three- to seven-second head start before cars get a green light.

While the Seattle Department of Transportation already had these improvements in mind, the accident involving the young girls put pressure on officials to act fast.

Seattle Working To Make Roads Safer

Communities like Rainier Beach came together to pressure city officials to make Rainier Avenue safer. It’s actions like this that make us have hope that the city will continue to improve, helping pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers to be safer.

If you know of a dangerous intersection in the state of Washington and your neighbors all complain about it as well, consider discussing your concerns with your local officials.

When communities come together, they can achieve a great deal. This incident in Rainier Beach proves just that.

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