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Troopers: Seattle Plagued By Distracted Driving, Left-Lane Camping

It’s official: Distracted driving and “left lane camping” have reached epidemic proportions in Seattle.

According to Washington state law, drivers must remain in the right lane unless they are passing slower vehicles. Unfortunately, many Seattle-area drivers believe they do not have to get over if they are driving the speed limit.

Washington State Troopers urge drivers to follow the law. They encourage drivers to get a good look at the traffic rules in the state once again. Left-lane camping, for instance, is a myth that can be dispersed if drivers learn the law.

“If you’re not passing another vehicle on a multi-lane roadway, you need to move back over to one of the right-hand lanes to allow people who are traveling faster than you continue on down the road,” a trooper told reporters.

Because remaining in the left lane can lead to accidents, drivers must get over if they are not passing another vehicle.

Like Lane Parking, Distracted Driving Is A Risk To Seattle Drivers

Distracted driving is yet another issue that plagues the Seattle area.

Troopers confirm that many drivers will use their phones while stopped at a signal or light. And that, they remind us, is illegal. But since the tougher distracted driving laws went into effect in Seattle last July, troopers say they haven’t seen a major change.

While most drivers know that the new law allows law enforcement to stop them simply for handling a phone, they remain defiant. As a result, they stay distracted. Officials say that despite the tough new laws, they pull over drivers using their phones daily.

Troopers urge drivers to remember that driving alone is enough. Checking the rearview mirror, keeping an eye on what is going on ahead, making sure the lanes are clear before making a lane change, all of that can divide our attention. Adding a phone to the equation will only increase the risk of accidents.

Officers say that distracted driving has become so dangerous in Seattle that they are seeing drivers taking selfies while heading across the Ship Canal Bridge. While they recognize that the spot offers drivers a nice view of the city, that isn’t the place for this type of distraction.

We often urge our readers and clients to be both focused and to never stay in the left lane if they aren’t passing slower cars. Now that we have confirmation from troopers that these issues have been concerning them as well, we feel that we must double down.

Be a safe driver by putting your phone down and following the state’s traffic laws. They are there for a reason, and breaking them will lead to accidents.

For more on what troopers are saying about these issues, follow this link.

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