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Seattle Cyclist Killed In Accident In Oregon

Too many accidents have been taking place in Washington state. Unfortunately for Washingtonians, this is a reality we must all deal with, trying our best to avoid accidents by staying focused and alert.

The latest crash involving a Washingtonian to be reported by news outlets unfortunately resulted in the death of a cyclist.

According to the news reports, a 32-year-old woman from Seattle was on her bicycle when she was involved in a crash near Redmond, Oregon. Officials say they found the cyclist’s body after passing drivers noticed her.

She was traveling west on Lower Bridge Way when she went off the westbound shoulder of the road. As a result, she suffered fatal injuries. Officials are unsure whether the incident involved another vehicle or if the accident was a single vehicle collision. However, officials added, there might have been a mechanical issue with her bicycle prior to the accident.

The rider wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Officials are asking anyone who may have witnessed the accident to contact them immediately to help them in the investigation of this collision.

We are saddened to have learned about this bicycle accident and hope riders in Washington are learning more about the importance of making sure their bicycles are always well maintained. If your bicycle has an open recall, make sure to heed the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure the issue is addressed promptly.

All too often, riders will be involved in accidents even if their bicycles are functioning perfectly. Unfortunately, many drivers aren’t good about keeping an eye out for riders. And in many cases, they may end up causing an accident by driving too close or sideswiping a rider sharing the road. For that reason, both riders and drivers must remember that driving and riding defensively is the only way to avoid certain collisions.

If you’re a rider and you’re not sure what riding defensively means, you should take classes to freshen up your skills, especially if you’re riding in an urban setting regularly.

We are saddened to have learned about this tragic loss and we hope that the victim’s loved ones are receiving the support they require in this difficult time. We also urge riders to learn more about the risks associated with either ignoring recalls or failing to ride defensively in order to avoid similar accidents.

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