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SeaTac City Council Member Dies In Tragic Car Accident

We often report on auto accidents that happen in Washington state with the goal of alerting our readers and, perhaps, helping them avoid similar situations. The latest accident reminds us all that we’re all vulnerable to risks.

According to local news reports, newly-appointed SeaTac City Council member Amina Ahmed sustained fatal injuries in an auto accident.

The horrific accident happened at South 118th Street and 16th Avenue South just after 1 p.m. on a Saturday. The council member was behind the wheel and her car crossed the centerline, crashing. The driver in the second car involved in the crash did not suffer any injuries.

Many colleagues as well as SeaTac Mayor Erin Sitterley all mourned the loss of the dedicated public servant. She became a council member after a unanimous vote that picked her to fill the vacant Council Position No. 5 through the general election.

At the moment, officials are still investigating this tragic accident.

Avoid Accidents, Focus On Safety

Drivers, no matter how experienced they are, are at risk of being involved in accidents for a series of reasons. We must all be aware of these risks and take the necessary steps to avoid crashes.

During the winter months, it might be particularly difficult for drivers to navigate Washington roads safely. The icy and slippery roads make crashes more likely. In addition, more people hit the road for the holidays during this time of the year. With more vehicles out, more accidents are also going to happen.

We hope you and your loved ones are aware of the importance of slowing down during this time of the year and planning ahead. Winter driving is dangerous to anyone, even veteran drivers.

We are heartbroken to learn about the deadly accident involving council member Ahmed. Our thoughts are with the victim’s family.

You may read more about this horrific accident here.

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