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School Safety Agent Victim of Hit-And-Run Crash

It’s a tragic thing to know about a crash that exposes innocent victims to serious, deadly risks. Due to this reality, we often feel saddened whenever a crash takes a live or seriously injures a Washington resident. But every now and then, a crash happens in another state, and due to the circumstances surrounding the crash, we decide it’s important to report on the occurrence. After all, we may learn from these incidents, helping others to stay safe as a result.

According to a series of news reports, a school safety agent at a New York school was hospitalized with severe head trauma after being hit by at least three cars. He also sustained other injuries, reports show.

At least two of the cars involved in the accident fled the scene.

Reports show that the 59-year-old safety agent assigned to a local high school was trying to cross the street early in the morning when he was hit by several drivers. According to a witness, the first driver allegedly stopped while two others fled the scene. The first driver seemed traumatized as he saw the other cars hitting the man and leaving the scene.

The witness helped to redirect the traffic as he called 911 for help. The driver who initially hit the officer stayed at the scene until police arrived.

No other person seems to have been injured.

We hope the agent is being able to recover quickly from his serious injuries. And we hope officials are able to find the two drivers who fled the scene.

All too often, pedestrians are seriously injured in auto accidents involving drivers who flee the scene. This is tragic, especially considering how vulnerable pedestrians are. Instead of ignoring this reality, drivers should be alert. Knowing that pedestrians can be seriously injured in an accident with a passenger vehicle. In poorly lit areas or at night, drivers must pay extra attention, especially when crossing intersections and crosswalks. And if you’re ever in an accident, act accordingly by pulling over safely, contacting the police, and making sure that you stay put until emergency personnel arrives.

For more on this tragic crash, follow this link.

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